Friday, August 28, 2009

I <3 Tartelette

I skipped hubby's softball games tonight to stay home and spend some time in the kitchen - I just had the itch. We've been grilling peaches this week to have with vanilla ice cream, and it has been a simple, but divine, dessert. These are the first good peaches we've come across this year, so I wanted to use them while I had them. This time it was a bit more complicated than just throwing them on the grill, but I can't wait to taste the results!

If you're not familiar with Tartlette it is decidedly the most beautiful food blog I have seen. Seriously, just try not to drool. Luckily, my tasty peaches provided me the perfect opportunity to try out this beautiful concoction Helen posted on Monday: Peach Mousse & Strawberry Verrines.

I find that opening a bottle of my favorite wine helps me "get in the mood" and makes kitchen time more of an event than a chore. Just don't drink so much the recipe gets blurry!

The first layer of peach puree heading into the fridge to set up.

Folding more peach puree into whipped cream to make the peach mousse. I did "quality control" this part, and it was very tasty!

Peach mousse added and headed to the fridge to set up.

The finished product after the strawberry puree has set up.

Truly, it was not a difficult recipe. The hardest part is waiting in between steps, because you definitely need to wait for the previous layer to set up before adding another layer. On looks and ease alone I'd say this is a repeater. Of course, I'm sure it tastes just as divine as it looks. Must wait for the hubby before taste-testing though! I also love that this recipe doesn't make a huge batch - four perfect little desserts is all I can handle in my house at one time. Can't wait to try more of Helen's recipes as I continue to stalk Tartelette :o)

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